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Regional Portals

Tourism Portals for Major Cities and Regions across the Globe and for Individual Hotels

Bangkok Tourism Portal

London Tourism Portal

Athens Tourism Portal

Dubai Tourism Portal

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  • Tourism Products are provided from well-established operators who provide a great deal of memorable experiences and attractions.
  • A Loyalty Programme is being developed and will feature a Rewards Token. The Rewards Token will be virtual representations of cash rather like tokens purchased in an amusement arcade.
  • Using them to make purchases will help bring down costs, meaning that more discounts (could) can be offered.
  • The Tourism Tokens Programme will effectively be a Transferable Loyalty Programme with a Cashback option.

About Tourism Portal

The Tourism Portal features Tourism Products that can be used by Hotels and Travel Operators participating in the Programme to deliver their own Tourism Portals. If you have Tourism product or if your Hotel wants to get involved, please contact us.

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